Jacky’s Story

Why should my age stop me?? The truth is it shouldn’t, but my head was telling me it was. Maxi run a development course for their employees, and I have never applied. Until last year when the e-mail was sent out, I thought why not, what is the worst that can happen. Still a little tentative I sent an e-mail to Alan Miles asking if it was OK to apply. His reply was direct—Of Course. I sent off the e-mail requesting to be added as a candidate and waited. I kept it quiet. We were then invited to a selection day.

There were tests on Math’s and English, well this is it I thought, my math’s was rusty, I had no chance. Unbelievably I got an average score. Better than I expected. I was selected… Me a woman in her 50s.! The first hurdle was passed.

Jacky photo

The next stage was information on what the two weeks would cover. OK I can deal with that. We were also asked to choose and raise funds for a charity. The fear crept back in. But working in a team I had support, they were there with me. We set about looking for activities, the first was a mountain climb. I was not fit enough, I knew this was unrealistic. Two team members completed it. I found the perfect thing that could be done at any age or fitness level. Abseiling.

I’m afraid of heights, but if I can apply for career development, I can darn well fall down a wall.

I have now completed the first week of the course, and I can honestly say it has energized me I have learnt so much. What is that feeling, goodness I think its ambition.

In previous roles I have attended Career Development courses, but they were compulsory. This felt like it was more of a tick box exercise than an interest in their employee’s career goals. Maxi have made me feel impowered. If you are a mature employee, don’t write yourself off. You have much to offer and goals to aim for.