Interview with Jordan Welsby

I asked Jordan Welsby, an ROI planner, to tell me about his experience playing Rugby, from when he started to where he is now: 

‘I started playing Football when I was 4 years old, I played this for around 2 years solely until I reached the age of 6, one of my friends on my football team mentioned that I could play Rugby too. I then went on to play Rugby and Football until I was 11 years old.
I then had the opportunity to play the trails for Saint Helens for Rugby team and also Manchester City for Football – when both of these offers came through, I decided to follow Rugby rather than Football. I played with Saint Helens until I was 16 years old until i was released. Two years later i was then taken back to play with Saint Helens but I was released again after one season. Around 4 years later, I was selected to play in the Open age Tri-Series and I played with Lancashire against both Cumbria and Yorkshire, I was one on the 17 selected to travel to Jamaica for three weeks to play the test series for Great Britain. I am now currently playing and training for the Open Ages with Blackbrook and at the end of the year, I will be going back through the tri-series hopefully to go on another test series for Great Britain.’

jordan welsby image

Why do you enjoy Rugby?
‘I love the laughs and the banter you get from playing Rugby – you can go from having a fight on the pitch to having a pint with everybody after the game. There’s nowhere else you can get to do that’

Within Maxi, you work with your brother Callum Welsby, how do you find that?
‘We do clash sometimes but all in all it’s okay, it is weird as I was higher up in our old job and he’s higher up in our current job, but they are totally different work environments and different work places. It’s probably shows us both off how he’s more academically better and I’m more physically and practically better’

Callum played Rugby too, who would you say was better at the sport?
‘Callum, he was a signed professional player who represented his country, I just represented my country and county – so he’s achieved more than I have’