Customer Liaison Planner: Rachel Donnelly

I’m Rachel and I have been with Maxi Haulage since May 2018.

I work remotely for one of Maxi Haulage’s largest customers as a Customer Liaison Planner, I’ve never worked in the transport industry, I had extremely limited knowledge, knowing this, Maxi seen my potential and literally through me into the deep end by placing me alone on a customer site. Usually I would shy away and be intimidated by these types of situations.

However, it’s amazing how much you can surprise yourself when you are pushed way outside your comfort zone. The more and more I learn about the operation and industry, the more confidence I have to challenge people’s opinions and even put my own ideas on the table, with the encouragement of Maxi. In turn, I now have management on site, asking for my opinion and thoughts.
I was also given the opportunity to go on Maxi’s annual Development Course.

The course, for me, was about how I can create my own opportunities in reaching my goals, whether it be in my personal or work life. There was a lot of self-development, as well as learning a vast amount about the ins and outs of running a successful company. Maxi is very supportive of each individual’s personal journey and wants to share the tools and knowledge it takes to be successful. However, in order to utilize these tools, you need to step outside your comfort zone and be challenged. I am excited to apply all the skills and knowledge I’ve learned on the course, back into my working environment and get the best out of, not only myself, but also my colleagues.